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Based in the Bay Area, the Youth Public Policy Institute aims
to give students the resources and initiative to make change

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Fully led by students with the help of mentors, we aim to fight for causes closest to us.

Diverse Issues

Housing six operational commissions, we are working towards a variety of issues we are passionate about!

Hands On Approach

We make concrete change in our areas of interest, whether through drafting policy resolutions, backing projects, or presenting to school boards.

Dedicated Team

Consisting of students across the Bay Area, our team works together to make our community a better place.

Our History

Founded in 2018 by students in Sunnyvale, YPPI took off under the sponsorship of former Sunnyvale Vice-Mayor Nancy Smith. YPPI was integral in many projects, most notably the instating of the HAERT Program, a preventative mental wellness curriculum, within Lynbrook High School.

With each new cohort, YPPI re-evaluates policy priorities to continue to speak up for issues relevant to youth.

Our Commissions

Our Commissions

With six commissions and counting, our student groups are working toward change in multiple categories

Mental Health

Our Mental Health commission aims to change the stigma around mental health through projects within school districts.


The Environmental commission focuses on drafting and supporting policy resolutions regarding our environment.

Senior Advocacy

The Senior Advocacy commission works to maintain and bolster community connections with senior citizens.

Project AAR

Project AAR aims to raise awareness surrounding student sexual misconduct and reform Title IX education.

Social Justice

Our Social Justice commission seeks to break down racial barriers through projects within schools.

COVID Support

The COVID Support commission aims to provide important resources to frontline workers and patients in need.

Meet Our Team

Get to know our group of dedicated high school students along with supportive mentors and sponsors!


Nancy Smith



Pranay Mamileti

President, Social Justice Chair


Aditya Hariharan

Vice President


Anna Morokutti



Sannath Mathapathi

Climate Change Chair


Shreyas Jena

Mental Health Chair


Ritu Belani

Project To-Life Chair


Nicole D'Souza

Project AAR Chair


Sage Leland

COVID Support Chair

Madhavan Anbuchelvan
Former YPPI President, 2019

"The day I attended my first orientation at YPPI I knew that the people I would be working with share the same passion for helping the community as I do"

Kaushik Tota
Former YPPI President, 2020

"My experience at YPPI from being a policy advocate to serving as president has taught me the importance of being involved in my community"

Aditya Manikonda
Former YPPI Vice President, 2020

"Being a part of YPPI has given me so many skills in writing and advocacy that I plan to use for the rest of my life"


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